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Zionism as a Cultural Earthquake

Lecture 1

Between the "I" and the "WE" 
the Zionist Narrative through the Lens of Israeli Cinema

In America, people watch movies to escape reality. In Israel, it is the opposite – watching Israeli movies give us a deeper insight into Israeli life.
Together we will meet a tough Mossad agent who learns to cry ("Walk on Water") and visit a small town in the middle of nowhere where the local sheriff is a woman ("The Band's Visit"). These characters open our eyes to the story of an entire nation.
While diving into the subtext of those films, we will discover the Zionist narrative and the way it is reflected in Israeli cinema. 

Lecture 2

Israeli Art as a Window to Israeli History and the Story of Zionism

This lecture takes a look at Israeli Art from the early 20th century to today, touching on key themes and seeing the way they highlight and challenge the Israeli and Zionist narrative. We will explore the relationship between the art scene and history, giving an in-depth understanding of their development.  This combination of art and history forms a fascinating way to explore both the past and the ways the present shifts our understanding of it. Whether you know about Israeli art inside/out or have never encountered it, this lecture will guide you through the labyrinth and give you the tools to both enjoy and understand this intricate world.

Lecture 3

“Alone in the Desert" The Unexpected Deep Messages of Israel’s Pop Music

Who is Israel's music artist of the year? What song have all the kids been playing on a loop? Which songs have been dominating the radio? And how does this connect to the latest developments in Israeli society? Israeli pop music has always carried deep, critical messages about current events, societal challenges, and the shifting geopolitical situation whilst providing memorable melodies. From the songs of the "Halutzim" (pioneers), through the famous military bands to the ethnic, social, local, and global voices of today. A real musical melting pot. In this lecture, we will listen to some of Israel’s old and new hits, examine the lyrics and discuss some of the deeper messages about today's Zionism and contemporary Israel that lie behind the catchy tunes.

Lecture 4

"Bama Ivrit" – The Hebrew Stage

Israeli Theater was first known as "Hebrew Theater", a long time before the country was established. Throughout the years this performing art has shifted from being an educational tool and a way to spread Hebrew culture and Zionism to a diverse, creative, groundbreaking, critical, and very entertaining field all over Israel. In this lecture, we will learn about the first steps of the Hebrew Theatre alongside the early years of Zionism, Israel as a young state, and we will have a taste of today’s theater and its place in Israel's cultural scene.

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