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The She-Story of Zionism


Lecture 1

Trailblazing Zionist Women: Zionist Women in the Yishuv and Abroad

For several decades historians have been adding female experiences and female accomplishments to our picture of the past. In this lecture, Dr. Carmel Hakim will shed light on the initiative, struggles, endeavors, and contributions Zionist women and Zionist women's organizations have made in building the state and nation of Israel.


Lecture 2

Israeli Women on the Big Screen

For years, the Israeli movie hero was a Sabra, Pioneer, Soldier, Ashkenazi - and Male. Where were the women? Didn’t they participate in the Zionist activities? What happened to them during the years? 

This lecture introduces you to several women from different movies that represent the changes that Israeli society went through from the early '30s till today.

Lecture 3

Israeli Women and Social Entrepreneurs representing modern-day Zionism

Women fill the ranks and leadership of modern Zionism, dating from its origins in the 19th century, through the founding of the State of Israel and into its development as the modern, technologically advanced country of today. Israeli women are assertive, solution-orientated, and creative and have put these skills to good use throughout history.


In this lecture, you will meet two incredible Israeli women, both leading activists and social entrepreneurs who are passionate about Zionism. Yael Guron will share her story as an educator, entrepreneur and political activist in Israel. She will also interview Dr. Ilana Kwartin, focusing on Dr. Kwartin's personal story of growth and development beginning with her Aliyah to Israel, moving to her work as an entrepreneur founding social businesses and finishing with her activism in women's rights. Guron and Dr. Kwartin will finally share the stories of other Israeli entrepreneurs who focus on social equality, fight domestic violence and dream of creating a more equal and just world

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